Writing Your Best Self

Don't Add Journaling To Your to-Do List

February 01, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Don't Add Journaling To Your to-Do List
Show Notes

This week's topic is a conversation we've not explored before on the podcast. What's more, it's a little bit controversial!

Because I'm inviting you to NOT add journaling to your to-do list.

Tune in to discover why (and what I'm inviting you to try instead)...

"We need to ensure a desire to systemise our journaling doesn't become the thing that erodes its magic."

In this episode we explore: 

  • How we can inadvertently turn our journaling practice into a point of friction. 
  •  Approaching journaling from a place of BEING instead of DOING. 
  • Why we're inclined to prioritise doing over being. 
  •  The power of bringing the energy of BEING to our journaling. 
  • Opening more reverence, intentionality, and depth. 

"The shift from being to doing changes the context of your journaling and that changes everything - because the context shapes the intention that you write with."

  • Leveraging the power of simplicity. 
  • Journaling deserves more than a check on your to-do list. 
  • Inviting curiosity around the most important questions. 
  • Revising your journaling intentions to open up more.
  • How journaling magnifies the little things into something exponential.
  • And more...

Do you want to know yourself at the surface level from a state of doing,
Or are you curious to know your depths by exploring the realm of being?

Chances are you want both, but chances are it's your beingness that you've neglected. 

"We want to see our journaling as something to be IN rather than something to get through." 

Tune into this important episode and discover how to shift the balance. 

This week's journaling invitation is...
Approach your journaling from a place of BEING instead of DOING.

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