Writing Your Best Self

Surprising Reasons Successful Entrepreneurs Journal

January 25, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Surprising Reasons Successful Entrepreneurs Journal
Show Notes

If you're an entrepreneur, weaving a journaling practice into your identity and routine could be one of the most powerful and activating choices you make. 

This episode reveals why...

"Journaling is a self-led practice...  You get to chose the angle you explore.  You get to shape the conversation you have with yourself. You get to explore what's present for you in any given moment." 

In this episode we explore: 

  • How journaling expands your sense of self.  
  • Shifting from instinctive reactions to intentional responses through journaling .
  • Elevating our decision-making process and feeling empowered to say NO.
  • Cultivating reflection and self-evaluation to grow exponentially. 
  • Sparking self-leadership and intrinsic motivation. 
  • Journaling as a tool to access the wisdom of the present moment. 

"We are the catalyst. We are the decision-maker. We are the blank canvas. We are the chooser. We are the implementor. It all starts with us. Always."

  • The only person you can excel at being is YOU. 
  • Supporting yourself in the moments in-between external support. 
  • Uncovering entrepreneurial ideas in your journal. 
  • In journaling, YOU are the expresser, the listener, and the witness. You are ALL of them.
  • Journaling as a tool for freeing up creative bandwidth for higher-level work. 
  • Ideas to enhance your journaling practice.  
  • And more...

"The more we know ourselves the more power and capacity we have to create our desires.. When we understand the being that we are, there's a knock-on effect in ALL areas of our lives."

Your work as an entrepreneur calls you to your creative edge. It invites you to take risks with your ideas ( and your heart). It puts you on a collision course with failure, and most importantly, it opens the door to accelerated personal growth.

Your ability to walk yourself through this journey (that's as unique as you), shapes your success, profitability, and impact in this world.

Fortunately, support is always close to hand.

The answers are within. You have reserves you can draw upon that run deeper than you know. Wisdom is ready to guide you - if you ask for it.

The simple act of taking pen to paper dives much deeper than self-expression alone. For in your musings and meanderings are pots of gold-plated wisdom that can elevate your business, yourself, and your life.

It's why I invite you to get to writing :)

This week's journaling invitation is...
What do you want journaling to open up for you as an entrepreneur?

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