Writing Your Best Self

Inspire Depth, Presence, And Self-Expression With This Journaling Technique

January 04, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Inspire Depth, Presence, And Self-Expression With This Journaling Technique
Show Notes

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first episode of 2022.

I'm excited to be back here with you sharing more journaling tips and techniques to help you know yourself, cultivate the wisdom within, and create space for a richness of self-expression.

"With journaling, we don't have to be grammatically perfect.  Instead, it's an exploration of what's present, what's top of mind, and what wants to be expressed. and flow"

Keep listening for a journaling technique that will help you to keep your Focus Word alive...
In this week's episode we explore: 

  • The power of leaning into the New Year with a Focus Word. 
  • Creating space for possibility and potentiality. 
  • My riff around the word STILLNESS. 
  • How riffing around a word cultivates depth and a richness of expression.  
  • What happens when you allow focus words to take you on a journey into micro-detail.   

"When you lead with curiosity, words can expand and elongate." 

  • Using journaling and introspection as a tool to access the now. 
  • Creating life from the inside out. 
  • leaning to hear your inner voice amidst the external noise and chaos.  
  • Throwing seeds onto concrete ground
  • And more... 

"Sinking deeper into a word requires you to focus on that word. In turn, you unlock next-level details and create a vortex that takes you inside."

Writing is a declaration of what's inside. In this way, your writing becomes a mirror and a tangible expression of who you really are. 

Because your journal is a safe place, writing riffs around words is a powerful way to unearth the courage and confidence to express yourself regardless.     

Have fun exploring yours. 

This week's journaling invitation is...
Riff on your Focus Word for 2022 - or riff on a word that you want to pull into your life or understand on a deeper level.

To create your Focus Word for 2022, listen HERE

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