Writing Your Best Self

A Simple Journaling Practice For Choosing Your 2022 Focus Word

December 28, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
A Simple Journaling Practice For Choosing Your 2022 Focus Word
Show Notes

Welcome to the FINAL episode of Writing Your Best Self for 2021. I can't believe we've reached this point already!

"Your focus word gives you an opportunity to choose an energy  - captured in a word - that you can infuse through everything you do to elevate an aspect of yourself and your life in the most powerful and potent way." 

Tune into this episode and discover a process that will help you develop a powerful context for your year ahead - so that you're in the best possible position to step into the next rendition of your best self. 

It's a journaling practice I've used personally over the past few years to set myself up strong. What's more, it's a fun and easy way to empower your best self. 

In this week's episode we explore: 

  • Using 2021 as a springboard into the new year. 
  • Understanding the power of a focus word. 
  • How our perception shapes our reality.  
  • How I've grown personally through my focus words over the past four-plus years.  
  • Choosing the right word for you. 
  • Feeling the word in your body.
  • How focus words compound on each other.
  • Keeping your focus word omnipresent.
  • And more...

"Focus words empower us to create a context inside which our best self can thrive."

1. What do you need to thrive right now? 
2. What will help you expand and evolve?
3. What do your shortlisted words mean to you?
4. What is the trajectory of your life right now and what word would support this?
5. How does the word feel in your body?
6. How will you ensure you live your chosen focus word.
When you've chosen your word, remember to tag us at @BestSelfCo. We'd LOVE to know what focus word you choose for 2022.

See you in 2021!

Georgina 💛

"Your focus word can stretch the realms of who you know yourself to be - so you can discover who you really are."

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