Writing Your Best Self

Connecting With Your True Self As A Sacred Storyteller

December 14, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy & Adriana Monique Alvarez
Writing Your Best Self
Connecting With Your True Self As A Sacred Storyteller
Show Notes

In this episode, I'm super excited to introduce you to sacred storyteller, oracle, and spiritual guide - Adriana Monique Alvarez.

As the CEO and founder of AMA Publishing, Adriana teaches women to start highly profitable publishing companies and become a sacred storyteller. Adriana's also a bestselling author who's been featured in everything from Forbes to Huffington Post, to Fox and NBC.

Her latest book - Uncensored. Untamed. Unleashed - became a #1 bestseller within its first couple of days. 

In this episode, Adriana shares her own journey to discovering her voice and connecting with the depths of her true self. She explains how spirit guided her to step out of the life that was expected of her - so she could follow her true calling.

"When you are put in the deep waters, you can no longer be satisfied with surface-level solutions, thoughts, or ideas. In the deep waters, you can access the deeper parts of your soul and the wisdom we all have access to."

In this beautiful episode, we explore: 

  • The journey that took Adriana down the path of sharing her own story. 
  • How it feels to KNOW there's a story inside of you. 
  • Walking the path of discovery to know who you really are. 
  • Being the Oracle and declaring a new identity for yourself. 
  • Embracing the gift of Nina and creating an oracle deck. 

"My writing practice allows me to stay out of autopilot. It allows me to stay curious and adventurous and to realize there's always more - because we are never done."

  • Unlocking the potency of initiations to step into your power. 
  • The role of Adriana's writing practice in helping her unlock more. 
  • How to crack yourself open through a writing ritual. 
  • What does it mean to be connected with self?
  • Tapping into the alchemy of sacred storytelling. 
  • And more...

"For a long time, I thought the key was outside of me. The key is never outside. It's always within."

This conversation is a potent invitation to explore who you are - at the deepest of levels - through a connection with yourself and your sacred stories. I hope you love listening to it as much as I loved creating it. 

This week's journaling prompt. 

  • Show me what I'm not seeing. Share with me something for this day. 
  • What is most alive in me now? 

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