Writing Your Best Self

Dialoguing With Your Subconscious To Unlock Your Inner Compass.

December 07, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Dialoguing With Your Subconscious To Unlock Your Inner Compass.
Show Notes

How can you connect with your inner wisdom & subconscious insights to navigate your life with more confidence and clarity?

"Adults tend to need a playspace and a way to interact with their creativity even more than kids."

In this episode, I speak with creative life coach and pop artist Morgan Beard.

Personal development has been a non-negotiable for Morgan since the age of 13 when she began learning how to manage and alchemize anxiety and depression.

Morgan has a masters in Art Therapy from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  As an art therapist, Morgan has worked in a variety of settings including elementary schools, an
adult inpatient psychiatric unit, and a 183-bed nursing home.

Through her life coaching work, Morgan empowers individuals to create holistically fulfilling lives by tapping into their inner truth, and self-expression.

In this week's episode, we explore: 

  • How Morgan cultivated a desire for art therapy. 
  • Why play is so important for adults. 
  • The reason we need more blank canvases in our lives. 
  • Why is raw, vulnerable self-expression healing and energizing? 
  • What deeper essences can we activate when we dive into our stored emotions.
  • Leveraging the healing power of guided visualizations. 

"If we don't take in the full picture of our body and the emotions that get stored in different parts of our body, then we only have the potential to activate the mind - and so much more healing is possible when we go deeper into the body."

  • Why we need to be compassionate with ourselves. 
  • Understanding the subconscious and how it shapes our lives. 
  • Unlocking the emotional wisdom to know yourself deeper
  • Morgan's story to deep self-awareness and discovery. 
  • Being an agent of self-love. 
  • The joy of creating therapeutic pop music.
  • And more...

As humans, we have a powerful inner guidance center that we can activate and lean on when we give ourselves the spaciousness of a blank canvas.

When you learn to ignite your creativity and use it as a tool to unlock buried emotions, your life can transform in beautiful ways. 

This episode holds powerful philosophies and practices that can help you dialogue with your subconscious to unlock your inner compass. Tune in now!

"Going to those vulnerable places and healing my old wounds has catapulted my confidence into a totally new stratosphere."

This week's journaling prompt.
Write a poem or a song about your experience.

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