Writing Your Best Self

Cutting Through The Outside Clutter & Finding The Voice Within

October 05, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Cutting Through The Outside Clutter & Finding The Voice Within
Show Notes

"When we start pulling away the stuff at the surface - the easily accessible things - we can sink into this new level of awareness and self-discovery."

Would you like to take your journaling experiences to the next level?
Are you ready to unlock more insight, wisdom, and ideas?
Are you curious to know who you really are below the surface?

If so, this episode is for you!

In this episode, we're exploring: 

  • How to overcome the top journaling challenge.
  • Why lack of depth and deep-discovery is a common problem. 
  • Why depth is becoming an increasingly valuable skill. 
  • Joe Dispenza's 95% quote. 
  • Using journaling as a tool to reveal what's below the surface of the iceberg.

"How willing are we to sit with the resistance and the fear so we can get curious about who we really are at a deeper level." 

  • Accessing the labyrinth within. 
  • Why we can show up differently once we've cultivated depth. 
  • Understanding the power of the blank page. 
  • How life evolves when you know yourself. 
  • Cutting through the outside clutter and finding the voice within. 
  • Techniques for accessing depth. 
  • And more...

"We are the blank canvas of our lives. We are the decision-maker, the action-taker, the implementor. This is why self-awareness is so powerful."


This episode's journaling prompt.
What question do you need to ask yourself today?
Once you've discovered this question, take some time to journal it. 

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