Writing Your Best Self

Three Journaling Techniques To Try NOW

September 28, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Three Journaling Techniques To Try NOW
Show Notes

'Writing is a lubricant. Once you start writing, your thoughts begin to unravel and you're suddenly overwhelmed with things you could say. However, you've got to get through that initial inertia first."

Writer's block can be stifling! We know there's so much tucked away inside, but somehow the self-awareness refuses to flow!

Fortunately, journaling is a gateway that can overcome this inertia; empowering you to get your thoughts flowing so you can access deeper-level thoughts, ideas, insights, and wisdom.

In this episode, I'm sharing THREE powerful practices that can crack you open so your inner voice can flow onto the blank page effortlessly.

Tune in now to hear us explore: 

  • How to move through writer's block in your journaling. 
  • Practicing steam of consciousness journaling to sharpen noticing & awareness skills. 
  • Cracking open and revealing deeper-level thoughts to yourself. 
  • Using list journaling to overcome the inner critic. 
  • The secret tip that takes your list journaling to the next-level. 

"If you lean onto the blank page... If you allow yourself to freely express whatever chooses to show itself... If you really 'go there', get out of your own way, and don't judge the thoughts that bubble up, you'll find magic on the other side." 

  • The power of cultivating the ability to sit with ourselves.
  • We're always one idea away from changing our lives... 
  • Accessing new perspectives through letter writing. 
  • Expressing our truth and then seeing what's on the other side. 
  • Redefining what a journal actually is. 
  • And more...

"In this age, attention and the ability to concentrate and go deep will become increasingly more valuable, because we're in distractible times. We're in an age of information abundance/overwhelm."

This episode's journaling prompt.
Write a letter to your best self.

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