Writing Your Best Self

Journaling Notes To Elevate Your Learning Journey

August 17, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Journaling Notes To Elevate Your Learning Journey
Show Notes

"Your learning journey can be a rich experience that opens up a treasure box beyond what you currently imagine possible."

Have you noticed that we have an insatiable and ever-present desire for more?

We thrive on that feeling of wanting to BE more, DO more, and HAVE more… because these desires are expansive. 

They guide us to the edges of our comfort zone. 

They entice us to find new solutions - to innovate and to imagine. 

And this call for GROWTH and EXPANSION is how we grow and evolve as a species. 

But how can we empower ourselves to retain more - so we can move beyond the experience of learning and knowledge alone, and root into the realm of TRANSFORMATION? 

The answer is notetaking - a skill you can practice in your journey to lock in learnings and consolidate creativity.

Tune in now and discover five ways to uplevel your notes so you can elevate your learning journey. 

"When we play with our unique way of blending words through our note-taking, we not only grow, but we tap into something uniquely beautiful."

In this episode, I explore:  

  • The myriad of places where learning calls us. 
  • The role of journaling and notetaking in your learning.
  • The dual purpose of external brains.
  • The link between aha moments and elevated creativity. 

"Writing helps you think and process all the thoughts, feelings, ideas, stories, and possibilities that bubble up as you learn and grow."

  • Riffing to discover your inner wisdom and unique perspectives. 
  • Creating anchors and shortcuts to knowledge and understandings. 
  • The simple tool that deepens your study and curiosity. 
  •  Allowing yourself to find flow in your notetaking. 
  • And more! 

Notetaking is a simple, yet powerful tool that can give you an edge, expand your mind, and elevate who you are. It's a little piece of magic :)

This week's journal prompt is a perfect way to deepen into a riff:

  1. What does this new insight mean for WHO YOU ARE? 
  2. How does this new piece expand your identity and your story? 
  3. What now? 

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