Writing Your Best Self

Five Reasons Journaling Your Wins Drives Further Success

July 20, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Five Reasons Journaling Your Wins Drives Further Success
Show Notes

"Your wins are never accidental. There's always a cause and effect response."

Every single day holds the potential for something meaningful. Something that moves the needle. Something that nudges your life in the right direction for your growth and evolution.

That's why journaling your wins is a simple, high-performance habit that can spark even more success.

"When you stay focused and committed and you keep taking one step at a time, suddenly you hit that exponential growth curve!"

Curious to know why?

If so, tune in to this episode to  discover:

  • How journaling cultivates a can-do attitude, which inspires you to bigger goals
  • Creating a positive mindset through your writing 
  • Why the RAS phenomenon helps us to achieve our goals
  • How daily wins kick-starts the compound effect and helps you track how far you've come
  • A powerful self-discovery practice that helps you find yourself
  • And more...

"On those days when things go wrong or when your confidence takes a knock, being able to look back through your wins provides you with a motivational boost to keep going."

This week's journal prompt is:
What was today's win? [This digital tool from BestSelfCo. can help]

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