Writing Your Best Self

Mastering Stream of Consciousness Journaling

May 18, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Mastering Stream of Consciousness Journaling
Show Notes

"Stream of consciousness journaling is the inner workings of your mind, heart, and head captured in the written word on the blank page."

In this episode, we're exploring one of the most common, yet powerful journaling practices so you can feel inspired to up level your experience of it.

Enter stream of consciousness journaling...

Check out this episode to discover: 

  • How stream of consciousness writing differs from essays. 
  • Time and length boundaries - how to write a stream of consciousness.
  • The problem with the pause. 
  • What you can expect to show up in a stream of consciousness writing.

"By tapping into the stream of consciousness and bringing visibility to what's happening in the moment, you start to see things that would otherwise go unnoticed. You can see your patterns, your blocks, and where ideas are bubbling up."

  • Cultivating next-level self-awareness. 
  • Unlocking and unfolding through a stream of consciousness practice. 
  • Navigating the spectrum. 
  • Considerations for levelling up. 

"Imagine what is possible when your head isn't so cluttered or chaotic. Imagine what can bubble up when there's more stillness and space for freedom and deep thought."

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Until next time, get to writing. 

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