Writing Your Best Self

Becoming A Gamechanger Whose Legacy Transforms The World

March 09, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Becoming A Gamechanger Whose Legacy Transforms The World
Show Notes

This episode is another in our interview series and I'm super excited to introduce you to Lisa Wynn.

Lisa is a Master Certified Coach (ICF) who's worked with thousands of people across the world. She's also the host of the Legacy Creation Podcast where she talks about her passion and mission - inspiring a paradigm shift in change-making and empowering people to live a legacy.

Lisa's perspective on change-making and legacy creation is super powerful and incredibly accessible. I took away a truckload of tips and even more inspiration and I can't wait to share all these insights with you in this powerful episode.

"To be a legacy creator means to live your legacy. It means to own what it is you really want to contribute to the world and thinking about who you want to be in that contribution."

In this deep-dive conversation, Lisa and I explore: 

  • What does it mean to be a legacy creator? 
  • Why legacy creation work starts with you. 
  • Changing the paradigm of change-making by putting yourself first. 
  • The surprising link between self-love and legacy creation. 
  • Why self-care can help you be a more effective change-maker. 

"The whole world changes when you change." 

  • How the origin of the word abundance empowers powerful change-making. 
  • How Lisa uses journaling to spark her legacy creation work. 
  • The 7th generation question and how it inspires long-lasting change.
  • Lisa's two 'cut to the core' questions that spark meaningful legacy creation work. 
  • How individual change can inspire a global movement that raises the collective consciousness.
  • And more...

"Change genuinely starts with you. Every single thing you do has an impact. The more consciously we live, the more that we will impact our own lives, our families lives, humanities' life, the 7th generation, - and of course Mother Earth." 

This conversation left me with a full heart as well as a powerful call to action.  Change starts with each of us and that each of us has the power to live a legacy-focused life.

I'm excited to discover what this conversation opens up for you. Let us know by tagging @BestSelfCo or by rating and reviewing this podcast.

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