Writing Your Best Self

How To Use Gratitude Journaling To Overcome Negative Bias

February 02, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
How To Use Gratitude Journaling To Overcome Negative Bias
Show Notes

If you want to crack open the benefits of journaling for your own life, but you’re struggling to find a rhythm, or you get lost for things to say about, gratitude journaling is one of the simplest practices to try

But that’s not all! 

Gratitude journaling also creates exponential results for your life - especially when practiced consistently.

So in part one of this gratitude mini-series, I’m going to reveal why gratitude journaling is so powerful and potent.

Let's dive in!

"Gratitude is practice that creates a powerful reframe for your life - inviting you to see you and your life as a glass half-full rather than a glass half-empty." 

In this first episode, you'll discover: 

  • Why you have a negativity bias and how this shapes your perspective on life
  • The reason fear is trying to be your friend
  • How gratitude shifts your focus to cultivate a positive mindset
  • Leveraging gratitude to get out of your comfort zone and answer the call of your best self 
  • Tips for practising gratitude
  • A simple tweak for deepening your feelings of gratitude
  • Three categories of thought that expand your gratitude significantly
  • A new tool to help you switch on an attitude of gratitude
  • And more! 

"When practising gratitude, the secret is to not focus on the big stuff alone… the little things that you often overlook are equally important because they serve to remind you how abundant you actually are." 

Ready to explore the benefits of a gratitude journaling practice in your life? If so, download this week's FREE gratitude prompt HERE.

And if you're looking for something more structured to support your practice, check out BestSelf Co.'s new 30-day Gratitude Journal. Get yours HERE

Now get to writing 💛

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