Writing Your Best Self

How To Choose Your Focus Word For 2021.

December 29, 2020 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
How To Choose Your Focus Word For 2021.
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to the FINAL episode of this podcast for 2020 💛

There's no question that this has been a memorable year for all of us, and as the doors begin to close on 2020, it's a great time to anticipate all the things that the New Year holds the potential to bring.

Which is exactly what this week's episode will help you do.

"When you put a line in the sand and close the door on the past, you’ll free up energy and create more space to welcome in all the things that the new year holds."

So tune in to discover a process that will help you develop a powerful context for your year ahead - so that you're in the best possible position to step into the next rendition of your best self.  It's a practice I've used personally over the past few years to set myself up strong.

In this episode you'll discover: 

  • A journaling practice that will help you kick-start your new year with momentum and purpose.
  • The power of choosing a focus word - and how it can impact and influence your year.  
  • My personal focus words for 2019 and 2020 and a reflection on how they served me. 
  • Power-packed prompts to help you find your word. 
  • How to know what's the 'right' word.
  • Exploring your current trajectory and finding a word that invites aligned expansion. 
  • Leveraging instinctive elaboration to find your word. 

"Theme your year with a single word - and let that word become a filter that guides you and helps you make the best decisions for your best self." 

When you've chosen your word, remember to tag us at @BestSelfCo. We'd LOVE to know what focus word you choose for 2021.

See you in 2021!

Georgina 💛

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