Writing Your Best Self

How To Save Your Marriage & Reignite Love & Respect

January 26, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
How To Save Your Marriage & Reignite Love & Respect
Show Notes

This episode's guest is Dimple Thakrar - a relationship and love coach, a best-selling author, a global speaker, and a theta healer. 

After 25 years of marriage, love wasn't the problem for Dimple and her husband. Instead, the problem was not understanding how to do relationships. After all, it's not something we get taught in mainstream education. 

In this heart-warming episode, you'll hear about the situations, decisions, and discoveries that empowered Dimple and her husband to reignite their marriage by learning how to excel at relationship work.

Tune in now to discover: 

  • The events and triggers that led to Dimple and her husband considering divorce. 
  • The rock-bottom life events that led Dimple to discover Tony Robbins.
  • The power of identifying your blind spots and how they impact your relationships. 
  • How we can confuse our partner's demonstrations of love. 
  • How you know if you're ready to do the relationship work. 
  • Understanding the destructive need to be right in relationships.
  • The importance of standing in your partner's shoes and seeing life through their eyes. 
  • Tony's intense intervention with Dimple that became her biggest wake-up call. 

"Our strength is in forgiving and surrendering."  

  • How the energetics of Dimple's marriage disempowered both her and her partner. 
  • Why women feel the need to raise their masculine energy and how this creates an imbalance.
  • The beautiful shifts that happen when you proactively appreciate your partner. 
  • Why you need to be the source of your own happiness and take responsibility for the way you feel.
  • The reason relationship work starts with the work you do on yourself.
  • What are some of the things you can do to fill yourself up even when you have a hectic schedule?
  • The beautiful example you can set for your children when you prioritize your own self-care. 
  • How Dimple uses journaling to 'fix' her own problems and in the process, elevate her marriage - and the powerful questions she invites her clients to answer.
  • And more...

"I come to the relationship whole. Before I was coming half and he was coming half and we were expecting to complete as one - so there was a co-dependency. Now, I come full and he comes full so there is an interdependency."

What I loved most about this episode is Dimple's willingness to be raw and open with her sharing. Relationships can be difficult, but Dimple's story is proof that you can turn things around dramatically - even if the cards say the opposite.

Continue the conversation - discover more about Dimple's work.

Dimple's passion is empowering men to feel like kings in their own homes. She works with male executives and entrepreneurs and their partners to help them heal their relationships and deepen their love.

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