Writing Your Best Self

How Gratitude Journaling Can Make You Braver

September 29, 2020 Georgina El Morshdy & Heather Vickery
Writing Your Best Self
How Gratitude Journaling Can Make You Braver
Show Notes

The journey of your best self is guaranteed to take you out of your comfort zone - because many of the things you want to BE, HAVE, and DO, lie beyond what you can currently hold.

Your best self is calling you to put courage over comfort so you can face your fears and be brave.

But what does that entail in practice?

I LOVED interviewing success and leadership coach, Heather Vickery, from Vickery and Co. Heather is an incredible advocate for cultivating bravery and I'm super grateful I got to dissect some of her strategies and processes in this episode.

And now you get to hear them too 🙌

"We cannot change anyone but ourselves; but when we change ourselves, we change the people around us."

Check out this episode and you'll discover: 

  • What does it mean to be brave? 
  • Heather's B.R.A.V.E acronym. 
  • How bravery can start with boundary setting.
  • The role of self-love and self-compassion in becoming brave. 
  • Heather's 360-degree journaling strategy that blew my mind! [Timestamp 20:20] 

"Having a regular gratitude practice is the number #1 thing that will increase your happiness and your overall well-being." 

  • Why your Truth List is a foolproof method for eliminating negative thoughts. 
  • Why scheduling your day creates space for creativity and freedom. 
  • Heather's journaling strategies for becoming braver and happier. 
  • A simply strategy that transforms your experience through your words. 
  • What Oprah Winfrey taught Heather about intentionality. 
  • How gratitude journaling can make you braver
  • And more...

When you're ready to put Heather's journaling strategies into practice, you can download this week's FREE journaling prompt [trust me, you're going to have a LOT of fun with this one]. 

Personally, I took so much from this episode. Since recording this interview, I've tried a number of Heather's practices and they've been so powerful. So my recommendation to you is to dive fully into the episode and extract as much wisdom as you can.

I promise you'll feel braver if you do 💕

How you can connect with Heather:
Website: www.vickeryandco.com
Podcast: The Brave Files
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Heather's gratitude journaling books are available on Amazon:
Shift Your Focus
Grow Grateful

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