Writing Your Best Self

How To Know Yourself. Six Aspects To Journal About.

October 11, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
How To Know Yourself. Six Aspects To Journal About.
Show Notes

"Your beliefs help to shape the lens through which you see yourself, the world, and how you perceive things. What do you believe? "

Self-discovery is an inner journey that connects you with the truth of who you are. 

Armed with this truth, you have the insights and understandings needed to create a life that’s aligned with your values, your purpose, and the things that make you happy. 

So cultivate the courage to look within, reflect on your experiences, and peel back the layers. 

Get curious about the mystery that is you.

In the words of Aristotle, “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Let's explore how journaling can support this journey...

In this week's episode, we explore: 

  • Why there's wisdom in knowing who we are. 
  • Discovering yourself through your backstory. 
  • Identifying your unconscious navigation system by uncovering your values. 
  • How your beliefs drive the way you show up in the world. 
  • Exploring what matters most to you. 

"When you know yourself, you can make your next steps with intention, purpose, and meaning." 

  • The power of passion. 
  • Defining your strengths so you can leverage them. 
  • Putting language around your essence. 
  • Knowing yourself through the power of silence.
  • Reclaiming ALL of who we are. 
  • And more...

This week's journaling prompt.
Who are you?

"Journaling is a space of silence where you can amplify and activate the inner voice -- empowering you to  distinguish between the authentic you and the YOU that's shaped by external forces."

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