Writing Your Best Self

What Do You REALLY Want?

September 20, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
What Do You REALLY Want?
Show Notes

"Are the things you’re chasing the things YOU want… or are they desires you’ve inherited from society?"

Do your activities in the outside world leave you feeling fulfilled? 

Or do you feel a sense of emptiness, a lack of fulfillment, and a nagging feeling that surely, there must be more to life than this?

If you feel any of the above, know you’re not alone. It's not uncommon to feel confused either. After all, you thought you were headed in the right direction!

Fortunately, there is a solution. We can empower ourselves to feel fulfilled when we learn to distinguish between the desires of our hearts and the desires inherited from society.

Tune into this episode for more details, plus a journaling activity to help you practice and integrate this idea. 

Tune in now to hear us explore: 

  • The forces that cause us to desire more. 
  • Why we can feel empty and unfulfilled despite achieving the things we want?
  • Leveraging inner work to unravel and know ourselves. 
  • Why our inner callings are the pathway to lasting satisfaction. 
  • Becoming aware of the way we're influenced externally. 

"When you've gone gut-deep, soul deep... when you know yourself that well, it becomes easier to distinguish between an inner calling and an external desire."

  • Discerning the feelings that lie beneath the things we want. 
  • Why it can be easier than we think to find the things we're looking for.
  • Exploring alternative ways to feel the way you want. 
  • Choosing long-term satisfaction over short-term excitement. 
  • Alignment, authenticity, and the power to make great decisions. 
  • And more...

Deeply knowing what you want can give you so much power in your life. It’s the pathway to alignment - where your external circumstances line up with who you are inside. 

It’s the shortcode to informed choices too - where the decisions you make are most likely going to give you the outcomes you want. 

So give yourself the space to do this deep, contemplative work. It could be a game-changer.  

This week's journaling prompts. 

  1. Ask yourself what you want.  Feel into what you believe is the ‘thing’ that will change or improve your life. 
  2. Once listed, ask yourself WHY. Why do you want this thing?
  3. As you journal, notice the thoughts that bubble up and explore them. Keep the intention that you want to distinguish between heart desires and external influences. 
  4. Understand how you want to FEEL. 
  5. Then explore alternative ways to feel that feeling. 

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"The human desire for more can l

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