Writing Your Best Self

Motivating Yourself Through Journaling

September 13, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Motivating Yourself Through Journaling
Show Notes

In this week's episode, we explore how the art of writing can unleash passion, creativity, and a desire to make things happen.

"The more you can architect your life so that you feel as though you're the one calling the shots, the more personal power you can uncover and reclaim."  

Tune in now and hear us explore: 

  • What are the two types of motivation?
  • Why do we need to cultivate the ability to ignite motivation? 
  • The insatiable desire to explore, express, and create. 
  • How we leverage motivation to move others. 
  • Intrinsic motivation is different for everyone. 

"Intrinsic motivation is something that can transform how you feel when you do things." 

  • The link between intrinsic motivation and personal power.
  • Finding the pockets in your day to infuse intrinsic motivation. 
  • Four questions to unlock intrinsic motivation. 
  • Looking inside to ignite your fire. 
  • Using intrinsic motivation to expand your life force. 

And more... 

This episode is your invitation to spark intrinsic motivation through practice and commitment. Let your journal take you to a place of discovery by holding space for conversations that let you know yourself, show yourself and evolve yourself. 

Get to writing! 

This week's journaling prompts. 

  1. What do you love - and why?
  2. What would you do if you didn’t need to factor in money into the equation - and why? 
  3. When do you lose track of time? 
  4. When do you feel full of infinite energy - and why? 

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"Journaling gives us the space to look within and start to understand and uncover what we are intrinsically motivated by."  

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Now get to writing!