Writing Your Best Self

A Journaling Technique That Boosts Self-Love

August 09, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
A Journaling Technique That Boosts Self-Love
Show Notes

"Self-love is a journey for most of us. It's not a destination because - as with anything in life - there are always opportunities and experiences that we can engage with to expand the way we experience self-love."

In this week's episode, we focus on a journaling technique that can elevate self-love.

Tune in now to explore: 

  • What self-love is and what it looks like.
  • The correlation between self-love and how we show up in the world. 
  •  Why a lack of self-love can spark people-pleasing tendencies. 
  •  Understanding that self-love isn't selfish. 
  • The link between self-love and authentic service. 

"Self-love is saying positive things to yourself. It's having that ability to check the inner critic, so it doesn't drag you down." 

  • Why more is better when practicing list journaling. 
  • What to do if the inner critic shows up when compiling your list? 
  • Why list journaling works best when you sit with it. 
  • Remember how loving words can elevate and inspire. 
  • What would happen if the self-love switch was activated all over the world? 
  • And more...

It takes courage to cultivate self-love -- especially if you've been shut down in the past and told that you are bragging or a big head. Allowing yourself to create a self-love list can open the gateway to more courage, confidence, and appreciation for who you are. 

What's more, the more self-love you feel, the more loving you can be towards other people (because you have more love to give). 

This week's journaling prompt.
Write a list of things you love about yourself?

Expansion activities:
Ask yourself WHY you've put your answers on your list.
Notice how you feel as you add to your list.

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"If we don't have self-love, we can hold ourselves back from going after the things we care about. In turn, we compromise our dreams and desires ." 

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