Writing Your Best Self

Differentiating Between Soul Whispers & Ego Desires

August 16, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Differentiating Between Soul Whispers & Ego Desires
Show Notes

"Each human is unique. Each soul is unique, and each soul does have a purpose, and that purpose goes back to the individual soul's experiences and where there are opportunities for additional expansion and learning."

This week's guest is Jennifer Spor, an Akashic records channel, a soul-led business mentor, a strategist, and host of the Awaken Your Purpose podcast. Jennifer is a guide for Conscious Leaders who are here to illuminate the way for others through the awakening and embodiment of their sacred wisdom and God-given gifts. 

When she isn’t in her business contributing to raising the planet's consciousness, she loves being out in nature, going on new adventures with her husband, snuggling with her two cats, and diving into all things personal and spiritual development!

In this week's episode, we explore: 

  • What are the Akashic records, and what their existence means for who we are? 
  • Exploring the soul purpose of having a human experience. 
  • The importance of duality in shaping our awareness. 
  • The role of societal programming in creating limits. 
  • Differentiating between the whispers of the soul and the desires of the ego.

"We are a soul having a human experience...  Being human isn't the epicenter of who we are. We are energy in its purest form."

  • Defining the four clairs to understand how your intuition communicates.
  • Staying stuck and "arguing our limitations." 
  • Understanding your purpose so you can fulfill it. 
  • What our relationship with money is supposed to be. 
  • How Jennifer journals. 
  • And more...

I loved this conversation because of it's dance between spirituality and practicality. Jennifer is generous with her wisdom and shares potent techniques and mindsets to help you 'awaken on purpose,' activate your intuition, and confidently differentiate between soul whispers and egoic desires. 

Check it out! 

This week's journaling prompts. 

  • What am I believing that is keeping me in this space?
  • Who do I have to be, and what do I have to believe to live a soul-led life?

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"Your soul's guidance is never going to be fear-b

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