Writing Your Best Self

What's Present Now? An Experiential Journaling Technique

August 23, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
What's Present Now? An Experiential Journaling Technique
Show Notes

"Sometimes we deny, hide or edit what's present because we desire our reality to be different than what it is.  When we explore what's present, we bring more honesty into our experiences."

This week, I'm revealing a journaling technique that can help open new doors of insight and knowledge.

In this week's episode, we explore:

  • Why it's powerful to explore what's present now? in our journal. 
  • The power of exploring what's actually there (not what you wish were there). 
  • The expansion of sending your awareness into your body fully.
  • Moving beyond the story by noticing what's present. 
  • Creating the space to see reality through fresh eyes. 

"Be aware that we can often see what we want to see and what we've always seen rather than what's actually there." 

  • Using curiosity as a gateway to more creativity. 
  • Seeing a familiar sight from a new perspective. 
  • What happens when we tap into the energy of the now. 
  • How to best explore what's present. The technique described. 
  • When to try this practice. 
  • And more...

When you ask yourself what’s present, you get to write from a place of presence and experience - not the mind alone.

You can uncover something completely unexpected through this practice. 

It’s a powerful way to shake things up and access more ideas, insights, and observations.

This week's journaling prompt.
What's present NOW?

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 "Journaling what's present invites more authenticity. It also invites more completeness and visibility as well as expanding our awareness  of what's actually there." 

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