Writing Your Best Self

Enhancing Intimacy Through Your Journaling

July 26, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Enhancing Intimacy Through Your Journaling
Show Notes

"Can you trust someone with your heart, your visibility, your realness, rawness, imperfections, and wounds - or do you need to build a wall and lock away the key ?"

Intimacy defines a feeling of closeness and deep connection. Through intimacy, we can feel seen, loved, appreciated, and accepted. In some ways, intimacy offers external feedback on our value and worth. Through intimacy, we collect proof that we matter. 

As humans, we desire feelings of intimacy. We want to be fully seen by selected other people. 

In this episode, we explore how your journal can be used as a tool to enhance the intimacy you experience in your life.  

Here's a taste of what we explore:  

  • What is intimacy, and why do we seek it?
  • What it takes to be open to intimacy so you can invite it and enhance it. 
  • Why safety is an enabler of intimacy. 
  • Understanding how trust influences our ability to be seen and be intimate.  
  • Deciding to be intimate with who we are.

"Often, we can go into experiences knowing how it's going to unfold because of expectations and predictions... But what if you could drop the story and just be in the moment? Would that allow for more intimacy?" 

  • Journaling as a tool for enhancing intimacy. 
  • The correlation with how we see ourselves and the intimacy we feel. 
  • The role of discernment as we learn to know ourselves. 
  • Putting yourself under loving scrutiny. 
  • Taking responsibility for your feelings through journaling.
  • And more... 

Your journal is a place where you can know yourself - and there is a correlation between knowing yourself and the intimacy you can invite into your life.

In this episode, we explore this concept in more detail.  Check it out!

This week's journaling prompt.
What does intimacy mean to you >>> and how can you cultivate the level of intimacy that you desire in your life? 

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"Our journal is a place where we can truly see ourselves if we're willing to look in the metaphorical mirror." 

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