Writing Your Best Self

How To Reflect In Your Journal

June 28, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
How To Reflect In Your Journal
Show Notes

"If you can create a relationship with your journal where it becomes your trusted space where you can feel into the depths of what wants to be expressed, Journaling - as a practice - WILL take you back to the truth of who you are."

Journaling as a tool, a practice, a ritual, a creator of sacred space is miraculous.

Bring courage, creativity, and curiosity to the blank page and you'll open a receptacle that has the capacity to reveal YOUR truth back to you.

Buried within is a voice that knows.
A voice that's rich with wisdom & insight for these times.
A voice that's ready to be heard.
And a voice that will show itself to you freely when you invite it onto the blank page.

This week, we're exploring the power of REFLECTION as a tool to crack you open so you can extract the unique wisdom your life is teaching you.

Tune in now!   

In this week's episode, we explore: 

  • How your journal can reveal deep, potent truths. 
  • Coming back to your power through your relationship with the blank page.
  • It's time to HEAR YOURSELF. Let your journal reveal what you have to say.   
  • An invitation to the part of you that's ready for more depth, complexity, and juiciness. 
  • The confronting nature of facing our shadow. 

"There's so much power in looking backward to create a springboard that propels you forwards"

  • Why hindsight is a quickstep to wisdom. 
  • Questions to ask to reflect in your journal. 
  • With journaling, we never finish where we start. 
  • Following the flow of the unexpected tangents.  
  • And more! 

It's time for some introspection, quiet contemplation, and deep listening.

In our distractible world, our attention is fragmented and easily 'stolen' away. If you allow it, your journal provides that still, calm, quiet space where you can reconnect with yourself and surface your truth.

Let's get to writing.

This week's journaling prompt.
What is life teaching you about yourself and how to live the life you want?

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"We're all walking our own paths, and that path is lined with gold insight. We can use reflection as a tool to go back in and extract the deeper insights life wants to teach us & consolidate our learnings." 

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Now get to writing!