Writing Your Best Self

Activating Wealth & Abundance Through Your Journal

June 22, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy & KaKi Lee
Writing Your Best Self
Activating Wealth & Abundance Through Your Journal
Show Notes

"When you are in an abundance frequency, it means you are content. You are happy with where you are - even though you might be wanting more."

This episode's guest is KaKi Lee who's an Abundance Coach, international best-selling author, and creator of The Abundant Goddess Academy. In her work, KaKi empowers women to get in flow with the US stock market so they can bring their dream life into reality.

In this bold, brave conversation, KaKi and I dive deep into the energetics, beliefs, and mindsets around creating wealth and abundance. 

This conversation is jam-packed with strategies you can explore today to transform your relationship with money. As your relationship evolves, so does the activation you feel to step into discomfort and build a life around your dreams.

In this episode, KaKi and I explore: 

  • How a financial loss helped KaKi understand the true meaning of the word abundance. 
  • The important energetic distinction between wealth & abundance.
  • How to shift from needing more to a place of contentment. 
  • Finding the safety within to experience contentment. 
  • Releasing & transforming the money stories that create money blocks.   

"It's not wrong to want more. We all want to have better relationships and more money, but where is that desire coming from? Is it coming from a place of love or fear?"

  • Why it's time to have a conversation with your money. 
  • The reason your childhood impacts your current day money situation. 
  • How our energy infuses through our money into the world. 
  • Exploring how our personal relationship with money can impact equality. 
  • Techniques for elevating your money mindset with journaling. 
  • And more... 

A big piece of an empowered money mindset starts from within.

The more you unpack your disempowering money stories, the more abundance you can draw into your experience. This episode is a springboard that will help you activate this shift in your life. 

So dive in!

This week's journaling prompt.
What does abundance mean to me?

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