Writing Your Best Self

Discovering Your Potent & Powerful Inner Voice

June 07, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Discovering Your Potent & Powerful Inner Voice
Show Notes

"Let your journal activate the wisdom that lies within."

There's so much potency & power in learning how to hear your true self.

This is not a path for the faint-hearted! Many of us have experiences or memories of when our expression was shut down. As a result, we learned to doubt or mistrust the voice within.

The good news is you can activate this inner knowing -- and your journal can guide you there.

Learning to hear your inner authenticity is a potent way to reconnect with your desires, fears, hopes, and dreams. When you choose to express what you discover in your journal, you step into one of the most magical & transformative experiences there is...

Because you choose to reclaim YOU.

Here's an overview of what we explore in this week's episode: 

  • The flip side of information abundance.
  • Activating your intuition & innovation. 
  • Remembering the power of your uniqueness. 
  • That incredible Martha Graham quote.  
  • Knowing our inner insight is valuable.  

"Your journal is a powerful connection point that can help you turn on and tune into the wise voice within." 

  • Finding the balance between consumption & creativity. 
  • How embodiment can help us hear our truth. 
  • Creating within an indistractible place. 
  • Journaling in partnership with your feelings. 
  • Cultivating curiosity to become braver with ourselves. 
  • And more...

What would happen if you unblocked your unique expression? Who would you BE, what would you DO, what would you HAVE?

I invite you to CHOOSE to hear yourself at a different level. Turn to your journal and use it to collect and capture the wisdom you have because of who you are.

You've got this!!

This week's journaling prompt.
Close your eyes, use your breathing to connect with your body, and see what shows up. 

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 "Turn inward & listen from the inside-out. Use your journal as a framework, tool, and receptacle to explore the mystery inside. 

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Now get to writing!