Writing Your Best Self

The Art Of Getting The Gold In Your Head Onto Paper

May 25, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
The Art Of Getting The Gold In Your Head Onto Paper
Show Notes

"Everybody can write, we're born storytellers. Usually, it's just allowing and learning how to start trusting your instincts and your intuition... At the very core of it, it's letting go of, I'm not going to be good enough."

This episode's special guest is Terrie Silverman, MFA -- a writer, solopreneur, and director.

As writers, Terrie and I met in the most perfect way. We were both co-authors in the brilliant book Sacred Redesign.

Terrie is also the founder of Creative Rites where she helps people play, excavate, gather, and assemble their creative gold so they can tame their inner critics, access their authentic voice, and discover their extraordinary stories.

Together, we had the most incredible conversation about surfacing your truth, expanding your self-awareness, and discovering what it takes to become a powerful storyteller.

Check it out! 

In this episode, Terrie and I explore: 

  • What got Terrie interested in using writing as a method to tap into authenticity. 
  • The disconnect between the inner gold and our ability to express externally. 
  • Cultivating the courage & discipline to sit with yourself. 
  • Writing as a practice that expands your identity.
  • Moving beyond the worries of being good enough. 

"I only get to hear the stories of those of us that have survived and that makes it an imperative for us to tell our stories." 

  • Terrie's technique for getting your magic out - even when you're stuck. 
  • Tips for crushing the editing process.   
  • Unpacking the power of origin stories. 
  • Why we believe our own stories aren't that special.  
  • The important difference between anecdotes and stories. 
  • And more...

I loved this conversation with Terrie. It's always a joy to discover how different writers crack themselves open so they can access the gold within.

If you're ready to discover your authentic voice and show the inner critic who's boss, this episode is for you.     

This week's journaling prompt.       
I remember...
Well, the thing is, what I really want to say is...

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"When we're writing, we're giving ourselves a gift and we're giving the listener a gift -- and to be able to

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