Writing Your Best Self

Creating With Presence

April 19, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Creating With Presence
Show Notes

This episode marks our 2-year anniversary! I'm so grateful for all the conversations we've had over this time. Thanks for being part of this beautiful journey.

This week, we're exploring the power of accessing the NOW through your journaling.

"The NOW is a great time to journal. Of course, we're always writing in the now,  but do we approach the journal with the energy of the now?"  

  • How my solo trip to India showed me the power of NOW.    
  • Leveraging the NOW as an anchor to what's 'real'. 
  • The danger of dragging the past into the now. 
  • Practice writing from a deeply connected deeply present place. 
  • The problem of being too in the mind. 

"The NOW is a living, breathing, evolving entity - a presence that has depth, width, weight, texture, and tangibility." 

  • Breathing to hit the metaphorical pause button. 
  • Remembering that we're consciousness, not just thoughts. 
  • Predictability as a form of safety. 
  • Soothing the inner critic to create space for magic. 
  • Inviting possibility & potentiality into your life through your journal. 
  • And more...

Presence journaling is such a fun practice that can help reveal the next version of your best self. 

I encourage you to try this practice for yourself. Get curious about what might flow through you when you're deeply connected to the moment. 

It may even change your life.    

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