Writing Your Best Self

Knowing & Freeing Your True Self Through Journaling

April 12, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Knowing & Freeing Your True Self Through Journaling
Show Notes

"I bring the three Cs to the blank page because I want to know myself through my journaling."  

You are 1 in 6 billion.
You are utterly unique.
There's no one else on the planet who's experienced the same life as you in the same way that you have.
In turn, your perspective is invaluable - because it's one of a kind.

Your true self knows this. Your true self knows you have access to a unique reservoir of insight, wisdom, and knowing that can enhance your life - and benefit the world.

Journaling is the bridge that connects the two.

In this episode, we explore a variety of ways to dive deeper into yourself, so you can discover your truth and free your authentic voice in the process.

In this episode, we explore: 

  • Why I choose to elevate the significance of journaling as a practice and a tool.
  • Revisiting the three Cs of journaling. 
  • We are each a masterpiece in the process. 
  • The concept of ripening ideas. 
  • The real reason that I journal. 

"I want to know MYSELF. MY TRUTH. I want to unlock MY WISDOM. I want to be able to hear MY VOICE - and distinguish it from the outside world, noise and interference."

  • Knowing where I end and where the outside world begins. 
  • Making a stand for the potency of YOUR voice. 
  • Journaling as an experience to reclaim your true self.  
  • 5 journaling tips for knowing yourself through journaling.
  • Doing what it takes to be inspired by yourself. 
  • And more... 

Your journal is a place you can go with courage, curiosity, and creativity to stir something up, find something new, and connect with the truth of who you are.

In the expansion of knowing yourself, so your life can expand. 

This is just one of the reasons why I invite you to get to writing :-) 

This week’s journaling prompt. 

Ask yourself, what's the most courageous question you can ask yourself - and then answer the question in your journal.  

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"My words are an external expression of something deeper - sometimes the words and insights come from a place I don’t understand... I love that feeling of TRUE EXPRESSION." 

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Now get to writing!