Writing Your Best Self

Find Your Voice & Share Your Message

March 11, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Find Your Voice & Share Your Message
Show Notes

In this special episode, I'm in conversation with Adriana Monique Alverez - founder and CEO of AMA Publishing House.

You may remember Adriana from a previous episode and I'm so grateful that I got to share a chapter in her last book, Uncensored. Untamed, Unleashed

Adriana and I joined together for this conversation because we share similar perspectives around storytelling, inner work, and writing from the heart. 

We both believe it's potent work for these times because your voice is an activator, your stories are catalysts, and your essence is unique. 

Combined, it means each of us is programmed to spark something for our collective evolution. 

Tune into this SPECIAL EPISODE of Writing Your Best Self to hear us explore: 

  • Our views about writing as a gateway to your truth. 
  • Why what works with content is changing (and how to adapt).
  • Why knowledge alone doesn’t cut it - and how to stand out. 
  • Leveraging #sage, #philosopher, and #storyteller energies to elevate your online visibility.
  • The life-changing connection between content and self-love. 

You’ll know this conversation is for you if you:

 Desire MORE visibility for you and your business - podcasts, books, media, and more. 

 Feel ready to pull back the curtain and let people know who you REALLY are. 

 Want to tap deeper into your essence and surface your message for these times. 

“If we’re not willing to speak, we’re not willing to lead.” - Adriana Monique Alvarez

 We also talked about Sage. Philosopher. Storyteller. 

It’s my FLAGSHIP program for creatives, visionaries, publishers, and impact entrepreneurs.

A three-week experience of writing, extracting and uncovering what’s yours to share. 

  • It’s the perfect next step for people ready to go DEEP,
  • Connect with their #IndividualWisdom
  • And get fearlessly visibility with the stories and messages they came here to share. 

The link to join the program is here >>> https://findyouryou.co.uk/sage-philosopher-storyteller/

You can buy a copy of Uncensored. Untamed. Unleashed on Amazon (both Kindle & paperback versions available.

Check out Adriana's publishing work here

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