Writing Your Best Self

This Simple Journaling Technique Inspires Depth & Complexity

March 08, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
This Simple Journaling Technique Inspires Depth & Complexity
Show Notes

I created this episode during the week of International Women's Day, and I was inspired by this potent quote.

"Here’s to strong women may we know them. May we be them. May we raise them."

As I revisited this quote, I realised there’s a journaling opportunity that I’d love to share. 

An opportunity that invites depth and complexity into our lives; two energies that I’m increasingly drawn to as a response to the superficiality that surrounds us. 

Tune in for more...

In this episode we explore: 

  • A journaling exercise that invites complexity and depth into our lives. 
  • The problem with superficiality. 
  • Our attention spans are now less than a goldfish's! 
  • How information abundance is changing who we are (and why we should care). 
  • Why the global context says we need depth and complexity. 

"Humans are deep, complex beings. There's so much of who we are under the surface. Our inner worlds are a labyrinth of uncharted space and unexplored landscapes." 

  • Journaling as a layered experience and a quest to discover our truth. 
  • Cultivating choice and agency.  
  • The power of experiencing alignment and authenticity. 
  • Using your journal as a tool to explore complex conversations about the world. 
  • Creating depth by unpacking words. 
  • And more...

"Superficiality stops us from creating a life that's as deep as it is broad."


Step #1: Pick a word to unpack.
Here are some suggestions - or pick one of your own. 

  • Strong.
  • Authenticity. 
  • Power. 
  • Impact. 
  • Success. 
  • Wisdom. 

Step #2. Journal.
Write a list or tap into a stream of consciousness about what this word means to YOU.

Step #3. Deepen your practice.
Explore how this word features in your own life? Is it something you want more or less of?

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"Journaling is an invitation to peer behind the veil of our surface-level appearance and presence - and discover who we are." 

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