Writing Your Best Self

5 Meaningful Lists To Write This Week

February 15, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
5 Meaningful Lists To Write This Week
Show Notes

I'm excited to bring you a very practical episode this week.

We're diving into the power of LISTS.   

Lists are such a powerful way to get into journaling.  This practice is fun,  easy, and productive. You'll free up bandwidth, collect ideas and insights, and inspire yourself to move forward.

Tune in now to discover: 

  • How to use lists to boost productivity & productivity. 
  • How to change your life without changing anything other than your perspective. 
  • The power of lowering the bar when practising gratitude. 
  • Walking the tightrope between satisfaction and more.    
  • The awesome power of writing l-o-n-g lists. 

"Lists can spark something unexpected." 

  • Three categories to explore when journaling a live list. 
  • Using list journaling to create more intentional moments & memories. 
  • The most confronting list of all (and why you want to write it NOW!) 
  • Empowering yourself to 'write' on the blank canvas of your life.  
  • Creating a launchpad for your next phase.
  • And more...

Have fun, write those lists, and create your best life. 

This week's journaling invitation is to write the following FIVE lists:
1. Things to get done.
2. Things you're grateful for.
3. Things you want to accomplish/experience this year.
4. Things you love about yourself.
5. Things that changed your life / that you'll never forget.

"We feel more satisfied when we sink into the magnitude of what's ALREADY here."

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"When you see yourself for the truth of who you are and you can own that, you can take full responsibility for who you are as a being ."

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Now get to writing!