Writing Your Best Self

Elevating Self-Awareness With Your Journal

November 30, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Elevating Self-Awareness With Your Journal
Show Notes

Self-awareness is an asset we can cultivate and a skill we can master. It's a habit we can commit to and a place where we can direct our curiosity and creativity.

Self-awareness also empowers us to answer one of THE most potent and important questions we'll ever ask ourselves...

Who are we really?
In this episode, we dive deep into the benefits of self-awareness; offering up some clarity as to why this focus is so important for these times.

We also explore how you can use your journal as a tool to tease out self-awareness - so you can use your discoveries to be your best self and create your best life.

"If we're constantly consuming, we can lose sight of what our inner voice is wanting to say."

In this self-awareness episode we explore: 

  • What is self-awareness? 
  • The link between intentionality, crafting your life, and self-awareness. 
  • The power of knowing your patterns, triggers, and activations. 
  • The challenges of our externally motivated world. 
  • Learning to tune into the voice within. 

"We can use self-awareness to access the lessons, to deepen our inner wisdom, to make better decisions, to feel empowered, and to feel like you're in the driver's seat of your life." 

  • If you think you can, you will. We are all self-fulfilling prophecies. 
  • Pausing the inner subtitles to discern if we're being kind to ourselves. 
  • Using self-awareness to boost our emotional intelligence. 
  • The role radical honesty & vulnerability plays in self-awareness. 
  • How to use your journal to elevate self-awareness.
  • And more...

"As your self-awareness evolves and elevates, your sense of who you are deepens and expands - because, through self-awareness, you deepen who you are... which influences how you show up in the outside world."

This week's journaling prompt.
What's unique about you?

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