Writing Your Best Self

From Writer's Block To Inspired Journaling

May 25, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
From Writer's Block To Inspired Journaling
Show Notes

In this episode, I'm answering one of the most common questions I get about journaling...

"What should I write about?" 

Because journaling can take time, you want it to be productive and purposeful. You want to feel that the time you spend is worth it. You also want to be able to jump in quickly - because you don’t have time for writer’s block because that sucks away at your creative energy and dulls your confidence. 

If any of this sounds familiar, this episode has your back - because I’m sharing a powerful ACRONYM that you can use as a springboard to uncover useful, revealing things to explore. 

Keep listening and you'll discover:

  • What my nan's hobby taught me about intentional thinking in your journal. 
  • The power of making your thoughts visible and tangible through your writing. 
  • Reflection as a powerful personal development tool.
  • Tapping into the energy of desire for opening up creativity. 
  • Why diving into the situations in your life can give you more insight. 
  • Three energies to infuse into your writing for exponential results. 
  • Three journaling techniques to try today.
  • And more...

If you can meet yourself in your journal, you can up-level, cultivate exceptional levels of self-awareness, and pave the way for a quantum leap in your life.

Journaling is a super powerful skill, and each week we're here with insightful episodes to get you writing!

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