Writing Your Best Self

Daring Yourself To Transform Your Life

April 20, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Daring Yourself To Transform Your Life
Show Notes

"I don't let my fear paralyse me... My desire is bigger than my fear."

How do you continually upgrade yourself so you can transform your life and explore the next version of your best self?

If you'd love some answers to this question then you're in the right place!

In this episode, I'm interviewing Transformation & Success Coach, Social Entrepreneur, and Filmmaker Susanne Goldstein. Susanne is also the founder of DAREHuman which has a mission to help people build purpose-driven, profit-making entrepreneurial ventures.
Susanne is currently celebrating 30 years in the coaching industry where she's worked with everyone from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

But what's equally inspiring is Susanne's personal journey of transformation from engineer graduate, to theater, to Holywood, to the internet and beyond.

Listen in now to discover how Susanne cultivate the mindset and courage to reinvent herself over and over again.


In this episode, Susanne and I explore: 

  • Versioning yourself like software and what that means for transformation. 
  • Cultivating a sense of inevitability for the outcomes you desire. 
  • Synchronicities and how Susanne secured a job at the National Theater in London.   
  • The power of embodying the future YOU in the present day - and how it sparks transformation.
  • How an article helped Susanne break into the internet world.
  • Navigating the fear of closing one door to open the next.   
  • Writing letters and Susanne's reinvention into the film industry. 

"I watched a hundred movies, I wrote a hundred letters. I set up the circumstances by which something is going to manifest for me." 

  • Susanne's powerful definition of manifestation. 
  • How 'painting doorways' creates opportunities for beautiful things to happen. 
  • How to cultivate the courage to move.  
  • The journey to owning your success and the truth of your being.
  • Understanding the three levels of transformation.  
  • The belief shift needed when we desire something new. 
  • Instantaneous upgrades and creating quantum leaps. 

And more...

"When we choose a transformation in our lives, it's getting the information and doing something with it... integrating it in some way so that the integration can last and it becomes your way of doing things as opposed to something that's an afterthought." 

What I loved about Susanne is her passion for life, her desire for reinvention, and her confidence to go after the calling of her heart - no matter what. This resistance, persistence, and drive to create magic is infectious.

I can't wait for you to dare yourself after listening to this powerful conversation.   


If you want to kick-start your journey of transformation, explore Susanne's journal prompt.

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