Writing Your Best Self

Writing Your Way From Fear To Focus

April 13, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Writing Your Way From Fear To Focus
Show Notes

Have you ever had a brilliant idea that you can’t wait to see through, only to talk yourself out of taking action?

If so, you're not alone!

It can feel soooo frustrating to get in your own way.  After all, we are limitless beings. As humans, we're capable of so many things - just look around and you’ll discover countless examples of people who’ve overcome ridiculous odds to achieve incredible things.

So why do we slip ourselves up?
And more importantly, what can we do to transform fear into focus?

Keep listening, because this episode has some answers! 

"Your journal is one of THE most powerful places you can turn to when you feel overwhelmed, triggered, freaked out, or otherwise disempowered. With the help of your journal, you can transform FEAR to FOCUS and write yourself some clarity." 

In this episode, you'll discover: 

  • How life can shift when you transform your relationship with fear. 
  • Navigating fear so you can be your best self and craft a life you love.
  • Understanding your stress response. 
  • The power of starting with a breath. 
  • Writing your truth to clear up headspace. 

"When I write down what I’m thinking and feeling a few things happen. Somehow the edge is taken off my fear.  Often the fear doesn’t feel so forceful or heavy when I see the words written out - it’s less intense. Less heightened."

  • Navigating the disempowering force of unhelpful 'what ifs?'
  • Tips for enhancing your self-awareness and moving through your emotions.   
  • Why allowing yourself to write uncomfortable truths feels freeing. 
  • How acknowledging your fears can make you feel better. 
  • Resources to help you write your way from fear to focus. 
  • And more...

"Master the art of transforming fear into focus, and pretty much anything becomes possible." 

If you want to start transforming fear into focus here are some tools to help.

  1. Understand and navigate your fears with the help of this episode's journaling prompt
  2. NEW! Transform Fear To Focus Journaling Tool. 

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Until next time...

Get to writing :)

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