Writing Your Best Self

The Courage To Catalyse Your Growth

February 16, 2021 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
The Courage To Catalyse Your Growth
Show Notes

How you can leverage courage as a catalyst to discover your best self and live your best life?

To help us answer this question, I'm interviewing Michelle Wong - a Courage + Growth Catalyst, a dreamer, doer, visionary, and host of the Sacred Emergence Podcast.

In this powerful episode, Michelle and I explore: 

  • How to incorporate growth and courage into your life. 
  • The link between growth and courage.
  • How to take off the lid and start navigating what shows up when you prioritize growth. 
  • Why people procrastinate even when their heart pulls them forwards. 
  • What it means to tap into your body's wisdom. 
  • How Michelle navigated her transition from corporate to becoming a leader of her own life.

"Growth is a commitment to being your best self. This means being willing to pull off the lid to see deeper. To have the courage to look deeper to see what's serving you and what isn't, and to choose alignment over comfort."  

  • How Human Design can guide you to navigate your life from an energetic perspective. 
  • How to find a way through life that's unique for you.       
  • Tips for leveraging your intuition to create a thriving life.  
  • How your personal power grows when you live in alignment with your truth. 
  • Why it takes so much courage to be seen for who we really are. 
  • How Michelle leverages journaling as a creative tool and courage catalyst.
  • And more...

"If we're not growing, we're dying. Growth is having the courage to allow our souls to unfold. and evolve"   

This powerful conversation is packed with tips and insights to help you unlock the courage within so you can lead yourself to a thriving life.

Check out Michelle's work here.

Michelle mentors women to become the leader of their own lives so they can feel empowered to thrive physically, spiritually, and financially. She uniquely blends human design, with astrology, intuition, self-care, and feminine leadership practices to guide you in creating a thriving life and business.

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I also asked Michelle to share a journaling prompt, which you can use to catalyse your growth. You can download your free journaling worksheet HERE

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