Writing Your Best Self

Five Categories To Look For In Your Journaling

February 08, 2022 Georgina El Morshdy
Writing Your Best Self
Five Categories To Look For In Your Journaling
Show Notes

It's easy to overlook the hidden wisdom that can reveal itself in your journal. But stay alert for the overlooked gems, and journaling becomes a potent tool for elevated levels of self-awareness and more.

Tune into this episode to discover FIVE categories of insight that will empower you to step into your best self. 

"You can use journaling as a gateway to access the deepest parts of you."

  • How your journal becomes a mirror for YOU. 
  • Using your journal to make the unconscious, conscious. 
  • Stop tackling symptoms and tackle the root cause instead. 
  • Stop predicting the future with the help of your journal. 
  • Stop scatter gunning your energy!

"As you write, you come to a clear knowing of what's right for you... a place of clarity."

  • Activating your intuition through your journaling. 
  • Journaling to unlock the answers that lie inside.  
  • Joining up the dots to create new ideas. 
  •  How to change your life through your journal. 
  • Th unexpected magic of journaling. 
  • And more... 

"You have a unique set of experiences and insights that you've acquired from your unique life. All of this data is available to guide you."

That’s the power of journaling. It’s unexpected. 

Because writing is a lubricant. 

Write something, and you create space for more to follow and flow. 

If you take risks in your journaling with your vulnerability and authenticity, you may discover things that were always there, but previously had to hide. 

If you’re fearlessly expressed with your truth, you may discover things you don’t know about yourself… and that can open the gateway to new possibilities and experiences. 

So dive in! 

Whether you answer a journaling prompt or ride the wave of a stream of consciousness download, know that between the lines and under the surface, are lurking some profound truths that could set you free. 

This week's journaling invitation is...
What’s the most unexpected thing that could reveal itself to you in your journal? 

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